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Covid 19 update, 24rd June 2020;

House moving – at last!

Since our post yesterday, there has been a further development from the Scottish Government.

House moving is back on the table!

Phase 2 of the “Route Map”, says that house moves will be possible, in 5 day’s time, ‪on 29th June 2020‬.

There are conditions but you are now also free to visit us as Estate Agents, view properties, prepare a property for moving and visit a property where you need to in connection with rental or sale.

Apparently, you must adhere to the usual precautions in line with the advice given by the government.

The details are at https://www.gov.scot/…/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-movin…/

So, if you want to move then we are the ones who are raring to go!

We want to help you, we are ready to help you and, soon, we will be open to help you!

For the Estate agency, we shall open our doors in Wick and Tain on Monday, the 29th June and so, meantime, please telephone 01955 602222 or email Karen Robertson at Karen@georgesonsproperty.co.uk

For the Solicitors, on my reading, I cannot open as a Solicitor’s office until, at least, the 9th of July but, meantime, please phone 01955 606060 or email ‪bruce.de.wert@georgesons.co.uk‬

Bruce de Wert

We have been helping people
like you since 1887.

With offices at Wick, Tain and Thurso, if you are local, we can see you but, if you are wanting to move into the area, we can help you with a “virtual” appointment.

Our core business is:

  • Buying, Selling and Leasing property (including Crofts)
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships
  • Probate
  • Confirmation
  • Executries

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