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A Power of Attorney will protect you, your loved ones and your possessions

Losing the ability to make decisions and communicate feelings is a difficult thing to think about – and if it happened to you, you’d have to rely on others to care for you and look after your affairs.

A Welfare Power of Attorney (WPA) is a legal document enabling you to name trusted and known individuals, your “Attorneys” with legal authority to handle your care on your behalf, if you can’t look after yourself through mental or physical incapacity. Your WPA should reflect your wishes and needs, so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of things that matter most to you.

The sorts of decisions that can be made on your behalf relate to, for instance, your medical treatment, where you live, who you see, what you wear and other issues of a similar personal nature.

Welfare powers cannot be exercised until you are deemed incapable of making those decisions yourself. It does, however, mean that those decisions are made by your loved ones rather than, for instance, a doctor.

It is most often granted in addition to a Continuing Power of Attorney and all within the same document.

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