Thank you for your interest in our free Will checking and storage service

Georgesons has been established since 1887 and the principal of the firm is Bruce de Wert who is not only a Solicitor but an Honorary Sheriff.

The checking service ensures that your will is valid under the law of Scotland and that it has been signed properly. Your Will is stored securely and will not be released to anyone other than you or your Executor, after your day.

When you take advantage of these free services, Georgesons return to you two photocopies of your Will along with a letter confirming that they have your will, that it is valid under Scottish law and correctly signed. Keep that in a safe place and your executor will, then, know where to find your Will.

To take advantage of these free services, please: —

1) Post your Will (recorded delivery) to:-

Georgesons Solicitors
Wills Checking and Storage
22 Bridge Street,

Keep the recorded delivery slip until you receive Georgesons letter.

2) After sending your will by post please email:-

giving your name and the name of anyone else whose will has been sent. If you do not receive the letter mentioned above within 10 days of sending your will, please telephone 01955 606060.